Feature List

AflexArchive eliminates the need for physical filing of documents. Files can be quickly searched based on the business system attributes. Companies can archive all their paper docs into a central repository (local server Or Cloud), and can quickly search and locate any document in the system using the highly configurable search options. Hence companies can easily save the time and money spent for searching misfiled documents and recreating the lost documents. Some of the key features are
  • Searchable Text Using Integrated OCR: AflexArchive supports industry leading OCR engines and full text search engines for enabling content searching within images.
  • Efficient Storage Management: Intelligent image distribution algorithms are used for spreading images between repositories for decentralized storage of images, load balancing and storage space management.
  • Efficient Scanning and Indexing: Supports industry leading bulk scanners for fast document conversion and upload. User screens are refined for scanning teams to encode and index documents in an extremely efficient manner.
  • Flexible Image Categorization: Easily customizable Image categorization and tagging features are available in AflexArchive. For example, hierarchical folder structure, customizable tags, organizational categorization and custom document attributes.
  • Industry Leading Security Features:  User access to the system is restricted with time tested authentication mechanisms. Image or category access permissions are configurable at user or group level with a fine level of granularity.
  • Easy Integration with Business Systems: AflexArchive comes with built-in APIs for easy integration with existing business systems so archived documents can be identified by business defined unique numbers and it becomes part of business data.
  • Powerful Search Engine: Scanned images can be searched using 1) attributes stored during the scanning and  2) existing business system attributes and  3) by the content inside the images if OCR is enabled.
  • Easy to Use Administration Console:  Administration and maintenance of AflexArchive is a breeze with its innovative and simple to use administration console.