AflexArchive is a browser based solution that consists of several modules that can be mixed and matched depending on the business need. AflexArchive can be deployed as a light volume single server implementation as well as a full blown deployment with four layers of servers with redundancy and load balancing built in each layer with no single point of failure.
Some of the benefits of AflexArchive are:
  • Faster customer service: With quick access to historical and current paper documents, businesses can predictably respond to organizational and client related queries in a timely manner.
  • Improved operational efficiency: Gives users the ability to search on remote business systems and retrieve related archived documents from within AflexArchive, improving operational efficiency of organization.
  • Produce paper copies on demand: With access to electronic documents you will be able to send or print documents as and when needed from within AflexArchive.
  • Eliminates need of a file room: AflexArchive will reduce the risk of losing important papers and saves space and money.
  • Grows with your business: Provides industrial grade scalability options for scaling up image volume and user base by enabling redundancy and replication options. AflexArchive is fully Cloud compatible.
  • Secure document storage: All document operations including storage, retrieval and modifications are restricted through fine grained access control.
  • Disaster recovery:  Supports remote replication of images and business data, enabling recovery in a worst case disaster scenario.