Partnership Model

Partnership model that we recommend is perfect for individuals/organizations who/ that want to generate revenue from the sale of our software, because the model delivers generous commissions and is flexible to meet the needs of large or small companies involved in selling technology solutions.

Examples are given below:-
  • Consultants who advise their clients on best practices in document management software as well as other business processes.
  • Scanning vendors who sell document scanners or imaging technologies and who have clients that want image archival software.
  • Document record storage companies: who specialize in the storage and tracking of physical records but have clients who may want to add electronic document management software to their services.
  • Software Consultants who sell IT infrastructure (servers and storage) and have clients who want to automate electronic document storage or have more specific needs such as document management software.
We will help the sales process by providing product information, live demonstrations to qualified prospects. The installation is also taken care by providing on-site installation, configuration and other support services.