Industry Adaptations

AflexArchive is an industry agnostic solution that can easily be configured to support any industry. However, we have preconfigured AflexArchive for a number of industries for faster demonstration and industry specific implementation of the solution.

AflexArchive suite includes products like AflexHealth, AflexGov, AflexRE, AflexAuto that caters to government, healthcare, real estate and automobile respectively with a specialised product to each domain. 


AflexHealth is a state of the art software solution that eliminates the need of file rooms in hospitals by storing scanned patient files in the form of a digital library. This patient records management solution eliminates the need for storing paper records in clinics, medical centers and hospitals. Doctors and hospital staff can access and view patient records using a simple to use browser based interface.

AflexHealth is a game changing solution that is intended to revolutionize the way small to mid size clinics and hospitals work. It transforms the entire patient consultation system into a technology based process which reduces the overhead of managing patient records, at the same time improving the patient care and time utilization.


Government agency requires archiving of documents at various levels from local (municipal) to international level. As an organisation it has to play various roles and documents have to be maintained with the necessary security levels according to the role it plays.
  • As a employer it needs to maintain all HR records.
  • As a source of public records, it should preserve all the records that may be issued to the public anytime based on the request.
  • As a most secured and responsible agency in a country, it has to maintain all the confidential records that has to be internal to the organisation.
  • As a litigant in lawsuits it has to maintain and produce all case related documents in court of law at the right time.
Aflex Archive allows you to provide access to the users based on the various roles.


Real Estate industry is evolved into several distinct fields over a period of time. Some of the real estate fields where Aflex Archive will play a major role are:
  • Managing properties of different owners
  • Managing the sales/marketing of properties
  • Property valuation services
  • Managing the Brokerage business
  • Agency involved in relocation services
  • Managing property developmen
Each of the above services involves lot of documentation in their day to day activities and it also requires documents to be preserved for a period of time. AflexRE reclaims file rooms and cabinets and brings the entire documents at your desk by archiving it in a digital file room.